EG4 Battery Charger | 48V 18A


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Input Voltage:

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EG4 Battery Chargers are among the most cost-effective and efficient battery chargers on the market. Connect to 48V Lithium/LiFePo4 batteries from standard 120V outlets. Purchase this high-quality charger with any 48V EG4 battery and ensure you can maintain your power supply even on cloudy days! Ideal for outdoor application, extensive R&D testing has shown that this unit is waterproof, with tests completely submerging the charger while still charging an EG4 battery.

Complete with built-in BMS which monitors the state of charge via downstream resistance; this highly efficient, cost-effective 48V workhorse is optimized to push 18 amps at 95% efficiency making it one of the best value 48V lithium battery chargers on the market. Quickly charge one 48V 100AH battery in <5.5 hours using just one 18A charger! 


Plug and Play

  • The built-in BMS monitors resistance downstream and prevents overcharging.
    • Charge to 100% without needing to disconnect the charger once the batteries are full.
  • Easy to use: Ready to charge right out of the box.
  • Plugs into standard 120V A/C outlets. 
  • Output Connections
    • You are allowed to cut off provided DC connectors to attach your own connectors and maintain a warranty.
    • DC connectors on ordered product may not reflect as displayed in product photography
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy. 
    • Doubles as a heatsink.
  • Up to 95% charging efficiency.
  • Stackability allows you to connect multiple chargers to the same battery bank to speed up charging!

Intelligent Charger

  • Overtemperature protection.
    • Working Temperature -40℃ to 60℃.
  • Ambient temperature protection.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Overcharge protection.
  • Output overvoltage protection.
  • Output overcurrent protection.
  • Output short circuit protection

IP67 Rated

  • Ingress Protection: Dustproof & Waterproof!
    • 6-Protection against contact with objects greater than 1 mm in diameter, such as a wire or small tool.
    • 7-Protected against short periods of immersion in water while under pressure between 15cm and 1m.
  • Shock-resistant design for storage and operation (Can be used in mobile operations such as RV’s, motorhomes, etc.)

Reliability & Safety Testing

  • Tested by EG4's Local Research and Development Lab.
  • 5-year warranty supported and serviced in-house from Texas.
Input Voltage:
5 Years

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