EG4 Announces Battery UL Listing!

EG4 Announces Battery UL Listing!

17th May 2022

EG4 Electronics is excited to announce that it has received it’s first fully UL listed battery - the EG4 Lifepower4 48V 100AH rack style battery! Signature Solar is proud to partner with this company and offer these great products.

This unit is highly regarded as one of the top quality batteries on the market, and previously only the cells themselves were UL listed, which meant a lot of people were unable to use them in their system if it required every component to be UL listed.

This UL listing is for the entire unit - and it’s important to note that we were required to implement no changes to our current units to achieve this listing and so the same model number is used on the UL sheet that we have always used. We have been working behind the scenes for a while now to get this listing for the entire battery as a full unit after the feedback we have received on the forums and directly through our conversations with the DIY community as a whole.

We think this is a great first step forward and are also working on obtaining UL Listed status on other products on our line sheet. This includes the rest of the batteries (this is just the first to be fully listed, more will come!), and our inverter line that we have recently been rolling out. I look forward to any comments and as always, thank you all for the feedback that you provide.