Unmarked | EG4 PowerPro WallMount AllWeather Lithium Battery | 48V 280Ah | 14.3kWh LiFePO4 | All-Weather Energy Storage

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51.2V (48V Nominal)
Nominal Capacity:
Charging Current:
Design Life:
15+ Years at 80% DOD | 8000 Cycles
Spec Sheet:
Brochure & FAQ:

This unit is unmarked, but will ship promptly. A great timely option if your setup does not require certifications. Please consult with your local AHJ to determine if this option will work for you. This unit will not have any ability to carry certification marks in the future due to regulations. If you need certification, please purchase the Certified PowerPro that is on Pre-Order.

EG4 PowerPro WallMount AllWeather

EG4 PowerPro WallMount AllWeather Battery

EG4 PowerPro Battery connection breakdown

PowerProESS eg4 18kpv PowerPro


Introducing the EG4 PowerPro WallMount All Weather Battery - the ultimate energy storage solution for all your solar power needs. This cutting-edge 48V 280Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery redefines reliability and performance, ensuring your power supply remains uninterrupted.


Confident Power

  • 10kW delivery, with peak power 10.5kW (10 sec.) & 15.4kW (3 sec.)
  • Constant discharge current – 200A
  • Over 8000 cycles at 80% DOD with an 82.6Mwh lifetime production


  • Smart and intelligent BMS for reliability, efficiency and safety
  • Integrated self-heating features when needed in low

All-Weather Design

  • Perfect for outdoor applications, built to withstand various weather conditions
  • Integrated self-heating feature ensures optimal battery performance in low temperatures.
  • Weather rated quick connectors (Amphenol)


  • Dual onboard fire arrestors offer fail-safe protection
  • Innovative total emergency stop function for instant shutdown by RSD / ESS disconnect / inverter RSD
  • 10-year warranty offered by EG4 Electronics.

Seamless Integration

  • Can pair with any inverter in the market
    • Designed to pair seamlessly with EG4, Victron, Growatt,
      Megarevo, Luxpower, Deye, and Sol-Ark inverters
  • Onboard LCD touch screen for easy BMS monitoring and communication.
  • Quick connect battery cables for fast, safe, and reliable battery connections.

Comprehensive Certifications(Excludes this SKU, Please purchase 1511075 for Certifications)

  • UL9540A Certified
  • UL9540 pending
  • Outdoor Rating IP65

PowerPro ESS

  • Optional conduit box addon makes installation with an EG4 18kPV simple
  • Turn any PowerPro into a fully capable Energy Storage System when paired with an EG4 18kPV
  • No thermal monitoring, or ventilation needed
  • No maintenance

Technical Specifications:

  • Model name: PowerPro WallMount AllWeather Battery
  • Battery Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate, Grade A)
  • Voltage: 48V (Nominal: 51.2V, Float: 54V)
  • Continuous Charge/Discharge Current: 200A (Max)
  • Capacity: 14.3kWh
  • BMS: 200A
  • Weight: 308.6 lbs. / 140Kg
51.2V (48V Nominal)
Nominal Capacity:
Charging Current:
Design Life:
15+ Years at 80% DOD | 8000 Cycles
Spec Sheet:
Brochure & FAQ:
10-Year Warranty

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