Technical Support

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Technical Support Request Form

If you have purchased a product from Signature Solar one of our customer care features is USA Based, In-House Technical Support. At any point after your purchase you find yourself encountering a technical issue, please reach out to Signature Solar with your order number ready.

To receive the quickest and most successful troubleshooting, we suggest sending an email to ""  including:

  • A detailed synopsis of the issue,
  • Images of the problem during it's occurrence,
  • Specifics to your PV System,

Be Sure to Include Images of:

  • Wide shot of overall system installation
  • Main Panel and Sub panels
  • How AC input and output are connected to inverter
  • How PV is connected to inverter
  • Picture of White information Panel showing the Serial number & MPN
  • How Batteries are connected to inverter
  • Please take pictures of voltmeter readings from terminals on inverter (and what terminals you are testing):
    • PV voltmeter readings
    • Battery DC readings
    • AC output readings
    • AC input readings