Upgrade Program Terms and Conditions Agreement

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This Upgrade Program Agreement is entered into as of day of purchasing upgraded units, by and between the customer (You) and Signature Solar.


1. Upgrade Eligibility:

  • Customer is eligible to participate in the upgrade program if they have purchased new Growatt 5k’s or Eg4 6500ex or 6000ex inverters from Signature Solar.

  • These inverters are eligible for the upgrade program regardless of whether they are under warranty, as long as they were purchased from Signature Solar. 

  • The purchase of refurbished units does not qualify you for the program. 

  • The upgrade program is a one-time offer, and if the Customer has previously utilized this program or the previous upgrade program, they are not eligible to participate again.

  • If the customer utilized the previous upgrade program we are able to give them a store credit for the difference between this upgrade program and the previous one.


2. Upgrade Option:

Customer may choose from the following upgrade options:

  • Upgrade to the 18kPV inverter by paying a fee of $3000 per unit, with a maximum of 2 units.

  • Upgrade to the 6000XP inverter by paying a fee of $750 per unit, with a maximum of 2 units. 

  • Customers who have purchased Growatt 5k inverters are not eligible for the 6000xp upgrade option and must instead choose the 18kPV upgrade.


3. Shipping and Handling:

  • Signature Solar will provide shipping labels for the return of the original inverters.

  • Signature Solar will dispatch the upgraded inverter to the Customer before receiving the original units.


4. Return of Original Units:

  • Customer agrees to return the original inverters to Signature Solar within 6 weeks of receiving the upgraded inverter.

  • Signature Solar will not be responsible for any damage or loss incurred during the return shipping. It is the Customer's responsibility to pack and ship the units securely.


5. Charges for Delayed Return:

  • If the original units are not received by Signature Solar within the stipulated 6-week period, the Customer will incur a charge equal to half of the total amount paid for the original inverters.


6. Warranty:

  • The upgraded inverter is covered by EG4 Electronics LLCs standard warranty terms.

7. Entire Agreement:

  • This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements or understandings, oral or written.

Legal Terms and Conditions of Purchase


The equipment sold by Signature Solar is designed by the manufacturer to be installed ONLY by licensed, trained, and insured solar electrical installation professionals. We strongly advise the customer to seek the assistance of such a professional to exclusively perform the implementation of any of these products, and we make no warranty of the purchaser’s safety, success of equipment implementation, or compliance with local codes and regulations. Signature Solar disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the information they disseminate and /or fitness of the materials sold for a particular purpose.


All installation advice provided by Signature Solar before, during, or after purchase of solar equipment is purely for the purpose of general concept education and MUST NOT replace the expertise of a licensed and trained solar specialist.


The Customer agrees to full indemnification for Signature Solar henceforth from any and all recourse relating to and arising out of the installation of the products purchased by the customer.