Growatt 5kW Split Phase Transformer | ATS 5000T-ES


User Manual:

The ATS 5000T-ES transformer takes Single Phase 240Vac (L/N) electricity output and creates true Split Phase 120Vac/120Vac (L/L/N). This addition to our line sheet increases the user's safety and ease of use with designated input and output locations to simplify connecting this transformer to your system. Perfect for use with the Growatt 5kW ES off-grid inverter


  • ATS-ES comes with a built-in transformer
  • ATS 5000T-ES has a maximum sum of L1-N and L2-N simultaneous output is 5000VA
  • Please note, the maximum imbalance between L1/L2 is 2500W (E.g. 1250/3750 L1/L2) purchase two if you believe your needs will exceed
User Manual: