SmoothStarter Single-Phase Soft Starter 16A-32A | SS230V1P16-32


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Compressor Size:
>16A to 32A
Spec Sheet:
The SmoothStarter is a single-phase soft starter for single-phase compressors >16A to 32A (SS230V1P16-32) and can greatly reduce the starting wattage of an AC compressor, allowing it to start more easily.

  • Easy to use. No user adjustments required.
  • Space saving solution. Compact DIN or panel mount versions are available. Integrated start capacitor.
  • Integrated diagnostics. Detection for voltage dips and interruptions. Detection of welded relay contacts.
  • Adjusts to load requirements. The built-in HP function ensures that the compressor starts at 60% to reduce light flickering.
  • Provides AC longevity. Soft starters ensure smooth and uniform starting by torque control for gradual acceleration of the drive system.
  • Extends the life of mechanical components and reduces their maintenance requirements.
Compressor Size:
>16A to 32A
Spec Sheet:

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