Anker SOLIX F1500 Portable Solar Battery Generator 536Wh | 1800W + up to 400W Anker Solar Panels [KIT-AK004]


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Embrace off-grid freedom with the Anker SOLIX F1500 Portable Power Station, crafted to endure over a decade of outdoor adventures. Recharge swiftly in 1.4 hours with HyperFlash technology and a 600W solar panel, empowering up to 13 devices simultaneously for uninterrupted exploration and convenience.

Longest-Lasting Lifespan, 10 Years: Built to last over a decade, the Anker SOLIX F1500 Portable Power Station ensures enduring performance for your daily outdoor adventures.

Ultra-Fast Recharging in 1.4H: With HyperFlash technology and a 600W solar panel, recharge the F1500 to 80% capacity in just 1.4 hours, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing convenience.

Power Up to 13 Devices Without Sacrifices: Enjoy uninterrupted power for up to 13 devices simultaneously, thanks to the F1500's impressive 1800W output, 6 AC ports, 4 USB-A ports, and 1 car outlet.

Worry-Free 5-Year Full-Device Warranty: Your purchase of the Anker SOLIX F1500 Portable Power Station is backed by a comprehensive 5-year full-device warranty, ensuring worry-free operation and peace of mind.

Included with Anker SOLIX F1500 Portable Power Station (1536Wh):  5-year warranty, AC charging cable, car charging cable, solar charging cable, accessories bag, user manual.

Included with Anker Solar Panels: Solar charging cable, welcome guide, 24-month worry-free warranty.

Anker SOLIX 1500 Features

  • Unchanged Size with 1,536Wh LFP Battery
  • 1800W Continuous AC Output, Surge 2400W
  • 13 Versatile Outlets for Power Needs On-the-go
  • Max. 600W Solar Input
  • HyperFlash™ 1000W AC Input
  • Remote App via WiFi & Bluetooth
  • 5-Year Warranty & 10-Year Lifespan

Designed For:

  • Emergency Backup Power
  • Camping & Outdoor Adventures
  • Mobile Medical Devices
  • Remote Work
  • RV and Van Life
  • Remote Workshops
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Tailogating and Outdoor Events
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Festivals and Events

Looking for more details? Frequently Asked Questions...

Can the F1500 power multiple devices at once?

Absolutely! With its impressive 1800W output and support for up to 13 devices simultaneously, including 6 AC ports, 4 USB-A ports, and 1 car outlet, the F1500 ensures uninterrupted power for all your essential gadgets during your off-grid excursions.

How should I store and maintain the Anker SOLIX F1500?

To prevent battery drain, remember to turn off all outputs when not in use. Store the device in a cool, dry area and regularly monitor its battery capacity, charging it to full if it drops below 30%. Ensure to fully charge the power station at least once every three months for optimal performance.

Is it possible to recharge the Anker SOLIX F1500 using both AC and DC inputs simultaneously?

No, AC input is a priority input source if both are connected. If AC recharging is not in use, the system will automatically switch to DC recharging.

Why does the power station's battery drain when no devices are connected?

If you leave any of the control buttons on, even if nothing's getting charged, the power station still consumes some power. We recommend turning off the button when the power stattion is not in use.

Do you offer financing for my purchase?  

We offer Affirm, a Buy Now Pay Later financing solution at checkout. You can learn more here.

Data Sheet:
User Manual: