Upgrade your residential energy storage with BigBattery's 48V ETHOS system, designed to revolutionize the way you power your home. With up to 61.4kWh in this outdoor configuration, this system is perfect for residential power systems, emergency power, whole house backup, homesteads, and more. The ETHOS system is versatile, stackable, and modular in design, ensuring easy expandability and seamless wall installation. It features comprehensive safety, reliability, and cutting-edge features, including an IP65-rated casing, an internal fire suppression system, and advanced BMS with auto cell balancing. When paired with the EG4 18kPV inverter, this system has a capacity of up to 12,000W of uninterrupted, continuous output per inverter. It includes advanced features like smart load control and peak shaving, as well as a user-friendly LCD touchscreen display. It is a perfect match for the ETHOS system, delivering reliable and efficient power while also reducing your monthly electric bills. Take control of your home's power with the 48V ETHOS system.