BigBattery | ETHOS Control Box


Spec Sheet:

Introducing BigBattery’s 48V ETHOS Systems! The ETHOS Control Box, which connects to both your inverter and battery modules, regulates and monitors your ETHOS system. These revolutionary, stackable, on-grid power systems were designed to push the boundaries of efficiency, flexibility, and reliability when it comes to powering your residential homes, cabins, and commercial offices. With just a glance, you can stay up to date on the health and performance of your power using the LED interface located on the front of the unit, which displays system voltage, remaining capacity, BMS status codes alerting you to the condition of your batteries, as well as communication configurations for your inverter.

Keep in mind that this is not a battery module in itself and would need to be combined with at least 2 stackable 5.12kWh ETHOS battery modules to be a working system.

Spec Sheet: