BigBattery | 24V EAGLE 2 | LiFePO4 Lithium Battery 1.63kWh | For Boats & Motorcycles


Spec Sheet:


The 24V 1.63 kWh EAGLE 2 battery system is tailored for low-voltage applications, including golf carts, RVs, industrial equipment, off-grid power systems, and emergency power supplies. Designed to be a drop-in replacement for traditional lead-acid or lithium batteries, each single battery module packs 1.63 kWh of energy, expandable to 16.3 kWh when connected in parallel.

Reliable Safety and Performance: Utilizing lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) cells known for their safety, the EAGLE 2 is waterproof and equipped with an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS continuously monitors and records cell voltage, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Built-in fire-extinguishing modules and heating elements enable charging in freezing temperatures.

Longevity and Durability: Engineered to endure, the EAGLE 2 boasts a lifespan of over 10 years and can withstand more than 4000 - 6000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) at a rate of 0.5C°. 

Monitoring and Connectivity: Monitor remaining capacity with the LED meter for easy tracking of battery status.

Key Features:

  • GC2 form factor
  • CANbus communications (optional)
  • Self-heating function
  • IP67 protection rating
  • LED State of Charge indicator
  • Smart BMS with auto-cell balancing

Battery Specifications:

  • System Voltage: 24V
  • Max Continuous Power: 2560W
  • Nominal Voltage: 25.6V
  • Ah Capacity: 64Ah
  • Charge Voltage: 29V
  • Bulk Voltage: 29V
  • Absorption Voltage: 29V
  • Float Voltage: 27.5V
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: 24V
  • High Voltage Cutoff: 28.8V

Designed For:

  • Golf carts
  • Utility carts
  • 48V UTVs & LSVs
  • Lead acid replacement
  • Intense heat & cold
  • Class A, B, & C RVs
  • Camper vans
  • Food trucks
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Emergency backup
Spec Sheet: