​The Chargeverter: A Game Changing Solar Battery Charger for Off-Grid Systems

​The Chargeverter: A Game Changing Solar Battery Charger for Off-Grid Systems

Posted by Signature Solar on 6th Feb 2023

Are you tired of having to constantly upgrade your generator to keep up with the demands of your off-grid system? Look no further, as EG4 has the solution for you with the ChargeVerter.

Meet EG4’s ChargeVerter

The ChargeVerter is a 5000W max, 48v DC output charger unit that offers selectable amperage to perfectly pair with your generator. With its optimized software for Lithium Iron Phosphate bulk charging plus included battery connection cables and 240V input cable, you can start using it right out of the box.

The Problem With Traditional Generator Charging

Conventional off-grid systems face a number of challenges when using a generator. The average whole house off-grid system uses at least a 12kW inverter, and when connecting a generator, it disengages the inverter module and passes through the generator's power. This can lead to an overloading of the generator, resulting in inefficiency and even inverter failure.

Misconceptions around power usage and improper system sizing can actually lead to voltage collapse and inverter failure, which is not covered by warranty. Properly sizing a generator can be complicated and expensive, not to mention the issue of dirty power being passed through to your house and affecting the life of your appliances.

The ChargeVerter Solution

With the ChargeVerter, you can use any size generator from 3000W up and connect it directly to your battery bank without using your inverter. This means no more dirty power being delivered to your house and maximizing your generator's fuel efficiency. By using the ChargeVerter, you can aid your solar system through a generator without the risks and adverse effects of running it through your inverter.

What It Can Do For You

Here are some of the key benefits of using the ChargeVerter for your off-grid system:

  • Use any size generator
  • Connect the generator directly to the battery bank without using an inverter
  • Avoid the adverse effects of dirty power
  • Maintain maximum fuel efficiency for your generator
  • Protect your inverter from voltage collapse, a leading cause of inverter failure

Say goodbye to the hassle and expenses of upgrading your generator, and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of the ChargeVerter from EG4. Stay tuned for more exciting products from Signature Solar!