Schneider AC Coupling with Single Inverter System Bundle Schneider - 6800W 120/240v Output | 8500W PV Input [BNDL-S0000]

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EG4 Battery Addon

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Solar Panels Addon

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Additional Components!

Need Wires? Breakers? Disconnects?

Why choose Schneider Electric for your solar install?

  • Designed to the highest standards of reliability and quality.
    • UL and CEC for home inspection requirements
  • Built on the reliable XW platform, XW Pro is the evolution of a time-tested, high-quality hybrid storage inverter with a large global install base.
    • Large fleet of Schneider inverters are still running after 15+ years in the field.

Backup power performance


Easy to install

Smart energy management

Bill of Materials

✔ 1 x XW Pro 120/240 V

✔ 1 - XW Mini PDP

✔ 1 - InsightHome

Integration Options

•6.8kW of continuous output power.

• Allows for solar arrays of up to 8.5 kW of PV Input!

• Battery Storage – Requires only a mimimum of 2 EG4 48v Server Rack Batteries per Inverter. Recommended to have 15 kWh+ for better balance of system.

• Robust and certified rapid shutdown accessories available: MPPT Disconnect RS

Schneider Electric XW Pro
Ultimate Performance

Adaptable and scalable, the Schneider Electric XW Pro hybrid inverter provides the one solution you need for solar with storage, backup power, self-consumption, and off-grid power for homes, small businesses, and remote communities.

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