Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit EG4 6000XP | 8000W PV Input | 6000W Output | 48V 120/240V Split Phase + 6400 Watts of Solar PV [KIT-E0008]


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Kit-e0008 Unleashed: Off-Grid Solar Power with EG4® 6000XP - 96kWs Energy Freedom!

Unlock unparalleled energy independence with our Off-Grid Solar Kits. Featuring the EG4® 6000XP inverter, a 48V split-phase powerhouse crafted for off-grid applications. Harness up to 8kW of PV energy, ensuring a consistent 6kW of reliable power while recharging your battery bank. Differentiating itself with the capacity to parallel up to 16 units, achieving an impressive cumulative output power of 96kWs. Seize control of your energy requirements with our advanced Off-Grid Solar Kit.

Revolutionize Your Energy Needs with KIT-E0008

Revolutionize your energy needs with our Off-Grid Solar Kit, featuring the cutting-edge EG4® 6000XP inverter—a 48V split-phase powerhouse meticulously crafted for off-grid applications. This kit empowers you with up to 8kW of PV energy, ensuring a consistent 6kW of reliable power while efficiently recharging your battery bank.

Key Features:

EG4 6000XP Off-Grid Inverter:

  • 8000W PV Input | 6000W Output | 480V VOC Input | 48V 120/240V Split Phase | All-In-One Solar Inverter
  • Cutting-edge 48V split-phase design tailored for off-grid applications
  • Impressive 8kW PV input capacity, ensuring a reliable 6kW continuous power output
  • Scalability: Parallel up to 16 units for a cumulative output power of 96kWs
  • Efficient battery charging: 140A charger integrated
  • Control multiple stations seamlessly with our advanced EG4 monitoring software

What's Included With Your KIT-E0008 Solar Kit:

Revolutionize Your Energy Needs with KIT-E0008

Product Image Product Information

1 x EG4 6000XP Off-Grid Inverter | 8000W PV Input | 6000W Output | 480V VOC Input | 48V 120/240V Split Phase | All-In-One Solar Inverter

The EG4 6000XP is a cutting-edge 48V split-phase, off-grid inverter and charger, designed to revolutionize your energy needs. With an impressive 8kW of PV input capacity and an efficient 6kW continuous power output, it also serves as a battery 140A charger. What sets it apart is its scalability - you can parallel up to 16 units for an impressive 96kWs of output power while controlling multiple stations and units seamlessly using our advanced EG4 monitoring software.

1 x EG4 Enclosed Battery Rack | 6 Slot | Wheels Included | Bus Bar Covers | Welded

EG4 Storage Solutions 6 Slot Battery Rack, featuring an enclosed cabinet design. The cabinet door swings open on a sturdy hinge, allowing easy access to the equipment and cables for easy installation. The door panel locks securely to help prevent damage, tampering, and/or theft. The front door is vented, allowing for air to flow freely and keep equipment cool. Top and bottom ports allow for easy cable routing.

1 x 11ft 10AWG PV Wire Extension | Black & Red

Complete with Male/Female MC4 connections. Outdoor rated and weatherproof to suit any Solar Array Design. The wires are meant for connecting and extending Solar Panels and Array Strings. Can be used to extend the spacing between individual or groups of solar panels. Plug as many as you'd like together to create the exact size you need for your project.

1 x IMO DC Disconnect Rooftop Isolator Switch

The SI32-PEL64R-4 from IMO Precision Controls is a rotary actuator switch lockable off in a plastic enclosure. This True DC isolator is developed explicitly as a True DC switch to disconnect the DC/AC inverter from the photovoltaic panels. All photovoltaic installations must be equipped with DC isolators per IEC 60364-7-712.

2 x 84in 1 AWG Battery to Inverter Cables | Black and Red

Signature Solar offers 1 AWG battery cables designed to outlast and outperform any other cables on the market. These are American Made and Manufactured.

1 AWG Battery Cable UL MTW/THW/SGT Flexible with ends, 5/16 inch (M8) connector end.

2 x Midnite Solar Lightning and Surge Arrestor | 600DC | MNSPD-600

& 2 x Midnite Solar Lightning and Surge Arrestor | 300AC | MNSPD-300-AC

MidNite Solar Surge Protective Device (MNSPD): Engineered for both indoor and outdoor use, our Type 1 SPD safeguards AC and DC systems, including transformer and transformer-less inverters. It complements GFP protection circuits and defends service panels, load centers, or directly connected electronic devices. Available in three voltage options (MNSPD-300AC, MNSPD-300DC and MNSPD-600) for tailored protection. Proper installation is crucial for maximum effectiveness.

1 x Wire Ratchet and Crimp Tool | MC4-Style

The MC4-style crimping tool allows simple easy to use crimping for common solar cable applications with MC4-style connectors. Lightweight portable style allows for work in hard to reach locations.

1 x PV 2 Wire Management Clip | 50 Pack

Small clips for securing PV cables to panels. Better than tie wraps.

2 x 50ft 10 AWG Copper PV Wire

0r 2 x 100ft 10 AWG Copper PV Wire

Plug and play PV Wiring! These are complete with Male/Female MC4 connections. Outdoor rated and weatherproof to suit any Solar Array Design. The wires are meant for connecting and extending Solar Panels and Array Strings as well as bringing Strings to your Inverter. Plug as many as you'd like together to create the exact size you need for your project.

Panel Options Product Information


16 x Canadian Solar 390W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel

Canadian Solar 390W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel (Black). Low power loss in cell connection compared to conventional modules. Improved shading tolerance. Lower internal current, lower hot spot temperature. Heat-strengthened glass minimizes micro-crack impact. Full 25-year workmanship & linear power performance warranty compared to 12/25 from other panels.

*Currently unavailable

16 X Hyperion 395W Bifacial Solar Panel (Black) 6320 Watts

  • High conversion efficiency
    • Module efficiency up to 21.0% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing process
  • Excellent weak light performance
    • More power output in weak light condition, such as cloudy, morning and sunset
  • Extended mechanical performance
    • Module certified to withstand extreme wind (2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa)

16 X NE Solar 370W Mono Solar Panel ( Black ) 5920 Watts

  • High efficiency 166 PERC solar cell
  • More power output with weak light conditions
  • Pid free, minimizes degradation of power
Battery Options Product Information

3 x EG4 LifePower4 Lithium Battery | 48V 100AH | Server Rack Battery with 1 X EG4 LiFePOWER4 Communications Hub

EG4 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery 51.2V (48V) 5.12kWh with 100AH internal BMS. Composed of (16) UL listed prismatic 3.2V cells in series which have been tested at 7,000 deep discharge cycles to 80% DoD - fully charge and discharge this battery daily for over 15 years without issue. Reliable and rigorously tested, with a 99% operating efficiency.

The EG4 LiFePOWER4 Communications Hub streamlines and maximizes your solar power system by interpreting and translating multiple 48V battery management system (BMS) protocols. It serves as a liaison between your 48V battery and inverter, communicating with a diverse range of BMS protocols, and offers real-time monitoring. This eliminates the requirement to check each battery individually, guaranteeing the optimal performance of your solar system.

3 x EG4-LL-S Lithium Battery | 48V 100AH | Server Rack Battery

EG4-LL-S lithium batteries offer second to none performance and longevity. Get peace of mind knowing our batteries are designed to last for more than 7000 deep charge and discharge cycles and have a life cycle of more than 15 years with an 80% depth of discharge daily.

Looking for more details? Frequently Asked Questions...

Does this kit come with a warranty?

Yes! You're covered by all of the manufacturer warranties on each product and our free, customer & tech support based in Texas!

Can I expand this system in the future?

This system is completely expandable. Add more EG4 6000XP Inverters, EG4 Batteries, and solar panels as expansion is needed. You may find you need more power depending on where in the country you are.

Can I sell power back to the grid with this system?

No you cannot. But, most people who buy this kit are looking to gain grid and power independence!

What sort of solar panel racking is included?

Most of our customers build their own ground mount system. However, roof mounting components are available on our store if you would perfer a roof mounted solution.

How long will it take for me to get my kit?

If you're in the main 48 states we do our best to get you your order within 5-15 business days as long as no items are in backorder status. Recently with the mainstream demand for our products, our delivery times to customer's door are averaging around 9-16 business days. You will receive your tracking numbers as soon as they are available. Items in your kit may ship seperately.

What monitoring options are available for the EG4 6000XP?

The EG4 6000XP offers comprehensive monitoring through the EG4 Monitoring App, available on Google Play and the App Store. It can be connected via Wi-Fi, 4G, or LAN, and supports RS485 communication. The product is also certified with UL 1741 and has an Ingress Protection Rating of IP20 to ensure safety and quality.