Upgrade Program

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  • Customers are eligible to participate in the upgrade program if they have purchased new Growatt 5k’s or EG4 6500ex or 6000ex inverters from Signature Solar. These inverters are eligible for the upgrade program regardless of whether they are under warranty, as long as they were purchased from Signature Solar.
  • The customer must send the inverters back after purchasing the upgrade, within six weeks of purchase. Return shipping is covered by Signature Solar for lower 48 US customers.
  • The purchase of refurbished units does not qualify the customer for this program.
  • This upgrade program is only for original purchase orders before 2024. Any inverters purchased in the year 2024 do not qualify for this upgrade program.
  • The upgrade program is a one-time offer, and if the Customer has previously utilized this program or the previous upgrade program, they are not eligible to participate again.

Upgrade Option Criteria

  • Each EG4 18Kpv upgrade requires 2 of the qualifying inverters (5k, 6500, 6000). So, if 2 EG4 18Kpv inverters are selected to upgrade to, a total of 4 inverters would be needed to be sent back. 
  • Each EG4 6000XP upgrade requires 1 of the qualifying inverters(6500ex, 6000ex, Growatt does not qualify). So, if 2 6000XP inverters are selected to upgrade to, a total of 2 inverters would be needed to be sent back.


Upgrade Program Agreement