Complete Hybrid Solar Kit - Schneider XW Pro 6.8kW 120/240V Output + 20.48kWh EG4-LL-S Battery Powerwall + 8,000 Watts of Solar [KIT-S0005-20]


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Rated Power:
1724x1134x35mm (67.87x44.64x1.37 inch)
Cell Type:
Mono-crystalline, 182x91 mm
21.5 kg (47.4 lbs)
Spec Sheet (Schneider Hybrid Inverter):
Spec Sheet (Schneider MPPT):
Spec Sheet (EG4-LL-S):


Empowering Solar Excellence: EG4 and Schneider Partnership

The EG4-Schneider Electric partnership delivers the top-tier solar solution by combining advanced technology and cost-effectiveness. EG4 batteries, the most affordable lithium server rack option, seamlessly integrate with the Schneider XW PRO for an unbeatable solar package. The Schneider Conext XW PRO Hybrid Inverter, with 6.8kW power, excels in solar, storage, and backup systems, offering reliable operation and a smooth transition to backup power. Additionally, EG4 batteries feature a plug-and-play interface with selectable closed-loop inverter communications for easy setup with Schneider.

This complete system can be summed up in three words - Sustainable. Powerful. Affordable.

Schneider XW PRO Hybrid Inverter Features:

Backup Power Performance

  • Delivers reliable 6800W Continuous Output operation with a high(2x) overload power rating and an integrated high-speed transfer switch that provides seamless backup power transition.


  • Stack up to 4 units at 120/240 V output, or even configure as a three-phase system for industrial applications.
  • Integrates with Conext™ MPPT Charge Controllers and grid-tied PV inverters for DC-coupled systems and now integrates with EG4 brand batteries via closed loop communication; use this framework to facilitate grid-tied, off-grid, hybrid, battery back-up, or battery charger.
  • A true hybrid, this inverter will allow for AC-Coupling, battery back-up, and net metering.

Smart Energy Management

  • This self-consumption system is quickly and easily configured using Insight Energy Management and is reinforced by an entire ecosystem of accessories and support for single-unit or scalable systems.
  • Optimize energy consumption for time of use rates or demand charges

Schneider MPPT 100 Charge Controller Features:

Optimum System Performance

  • High power, 600 Vdc MPPT charge controller with 100A rating for output charging power up to 6 kW.
  • Ideal for grid-tied self-supply and off-grid systems boasting high PV to battery to grid efficiency and the ability to recharge dead batteries from solar, providing maximum energy resilience for longer duration grid outages.
  • Includes shade tolerant fast sweep MPPT algorithm to harvest more energy.


  • Wide MPPT and PV operating voltage range allows for flexibility in wiring for oversized PV array power ratings e.g. 7 kW or more
  • Compatible with all brands of PV Modules and a wide range of 24 V and 48 V battery technologies, including newly updated closed loop communication with EG4 brand batteries.
  • Stand-alone application or integration with XW PRO, XW+ and SW series storage inverters for a complete solar and storage solution

System Control Panel

  • The SCP provides a wall mount display for monitoring and fault reporting, as well as setup and configuration.



EG4-LL-S Lithium Battery Features:

Discover our exceptional Best In Class Solar Rack Battery, engineered for outstanding performance and longevity. With a remarkable 7000 deep charge and discharge cycles, this battery is designed to last for up to 15 years, with an 80% daily depth of discharge, and is capable of an impressive 20-year lifespan. Featuring Tier One, A+ Cell Composition and boasting 99% efficiency, our LiFePo4 16-Cell Pack ensures top-tier quality. Plus, it offers the #1 Energy Density in a Server Rack Battery Form Factor. With selectable closed-loop inverter communications compatible with Schneider, Solark, Victron, Growatt, and EG4, you have the flexibility to choose the best fit for your setup. You can also parallel up to 64 batteries, delivering 327.6kWh of power while maintaining seamless BMS communications.


  • E-Stop functionality
  • Reliable Built-In EG4 Smart BMS, Voltage, Current, Temp. and Health Management
  • Cell & Module Voltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection >250A <0.1mS
  • On-board LCD Screen
  • PC Monitoring Software
  • Lifetime firmware updates
  • Dual Onboard automatic fire arrestors
  • Lead-Free
  • Design Optimized and Tested by EG4, Texas Based
  • 10-Year Warranty Supported and Serviced in Texas
  • For maximum power, our 6 DIP switch option allows you to have 327.6kWh while preserving BMS communication.
Product Image Product Information

1 X Schneider Electric XW PRO 120/240 V Hybrid Inverter (3 Year Warranty)

With Schneider Electric XW Pro hybrid inverters installed for 15+ years and a focus on sustainability, it is a powerhouse in the solar industry.

The XW Pro solar hybrid inverter is the heart of your home power system, connecting solar and battery storage with the grid for backup power and energy security. It can be used for solar and storage, or backup power systems without solar. Reliable operation of backup power and off-grid loads with a high overload power rating (2x) with seamless transition to backup power with an integrated high-speed transfer switch.

1 x Schneider Electric MPPT 100 Charge Controller

The Conext™ MPPT 100 A 600 Vdc solar charge controller offers optimum system performance for DC coupled solar and storage installations, with easy, flexible installation of large PV arrays. With up to 6 kW of charging power, and allowance for over-sized arrays, the MPPT 100 is ideal for residential grid tied self-supply and off-grid systems and is scalable for larger installations. The MPPT 100 600 offers faster installations and lower balance of system costs with 2 string installations and is compatible with Conext XW and SW storage inverter solutions. The MPPT Disconnect RS accessory can be added for NEC 2017 compliance with module level rapid shutdown, as well as equipment disconnect functionality.

Battery Options

4 x EG4-LL-S Lithium Battery | 48V 100AH

EG4-LL lithium batteries offer second to none performance and longevity. Get peace of mind knowing our batteries are designed to last for more than 7000 deep charge and discharge cycles and have a life cycle of more than 15 years with an 80% depth of discharge daily.

or 4 x EG4 LifePower4 Lithium Battery | 48V 100AH & 1 X EG4 LiFePOWER4 Communications Hub

EG4 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery 51.2V (48V) 5.12kWh with 100AH internal BMS. Composed of (16) UL listed prismatic 3.2V cells in series which have been tested at 7,000 deep discharge cycles to 80% DoD - fully charge and discharge this battery daily for over 15 years without issue. Reliable and rigorously tested, with a 99% operating efficiency.


The EG4 LiFePOWER4 Communications Hub streamlines and maximizes your solar power system by interpreting and translating multiple 48V battery management system (BMS) protocols. It serves as a liaison between your 48V battery and inverter, communicating with a diverse range of BMS protocols, and offers real-time monitoring. This eliminates the requirement to check each battery individually, guaranteeing the optimal performance of your solar system.

1 x EG4 Pre-assembled Enclosed Battery Rack

EG4 Storage Solutions 6 Slot Battery Rack, featuring an enclosed cabinet design. The cabinet door swings open on a sturdy hinge, allowing easy access to the equipment and cables for easy installation. The door panel locks securely to help prevent damage, tampering, and/or theft. The front door is vented, allowing for air to flow freely and keep equipment cool. Top and bottom ports allow for easy cable routing.

1 x Schneider Electric InsightHome

Meet the newest additions to the Insight Energy Management ecosystem. Powerful yet simple, Insight is Schneider Electric’s energy management ecosystem for solar & storage. It provides intuitive mobile and web-browser based interfaces for homeowners and professionals alike. InsightHome is a smart edge devices that connect customers’ Schneider Electric solar and storage systems to the Insight app.

InsightHome is perfect for smaller residential systems. Insight Home is compatible with Schneider Electric’s solar & storage offerings, including the XW and SW lines of storage inverters, the MPPT solar charge controllers, and the accessories.

1 x Schneider MPPT Disconnect RS

The MPPT Disconnect RS is an accessory for the Conext™ MPPT 60 150, MPPT 80 600, and MPPT 100 600 charge controllers. It provides a disconnect for the photovoltaic (PV) circuits, an integrated Rapid Shutdown transmitter, and arc fault detection for enhanced safety.

1 x Schneider Electric XW MINI PDP

The XW Mini Power Distribution Panel (Mini PDP) provides a compact, easy to install DC and AC power distribution cabinet compatible with the Conext XW series inverters. The Mini PDP can be used for managing power distribution to the XW inverter, MPPT Charge Controllers, the battery, and a generator. The PDP is designed for compact installation below the XW inverter and includes a main 250 A DC breaker for the battery, AC breakers for AC input, Bypass, and AC Out (load). Compatible with Conext MPPT charge controllers, and includes mounting provisions for MPPT 60 150 Charge Controllers on the either side.

1 x Schneider DC Breaker 125A 125VDC

125A 125VDC are DC breakers compatible with XW Power Distribution Panels.

1 X Initiator Switch | 660V 10A 2 Position 1NO 1NC

These switches are structured compactly and can be operated quickly. Can be widely used to control the electromagnetic starter, contactor, relay and other automatic control electric circuits.


1 x 72in 4/0 AWG battery to Inverter Cables - Black and Red

Signature Solar offers 4/0 AWG battery cables designed to outlast and outperform any other cables on the market. These are American Made and Manufactured.

4/0 AWG Battery Cable UL MTW/THW/SGT Flexible with ends, 3/8 inch ring terminal end.

2 x 50ft Pair of Black and Red PV Wire

Plug and play with 50ft of PV Wiring! These are complete with Male/Female MC4 connections. Outdoor rated and weatherproof to suit any Solar Array Design. The wires are meant for connecting and extending Solar Panels and Array Strings as well as bringing Strings to your Inverter. Plug as many as you'd like together to create the exact size you need for your project.

2 x 25ft Pair of Black and Red PV Wire

Plug and play with 25ft of PV Wiring! These are complete with Male/Female MC4 connections. Outdoor rated and weatherproof to suit any Solar Array Design. The wires are meant for connecting and extending Solar Panels and Array Strings as well as bringing Strings to your Inverter. Plug as many as you'd like together to create the exact size you need for your project.

Panel Options Product Information

20 x Canadian Solar 390W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel (Black)

Canadian Solar 390W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel (Black). Low power loss in cell connection compared to conventional modules. Improved shading tolerance. Lower internal current, lower hot spot temperature. Heat-strengthened glass minimizes micro-crack impact. Full 25-year workmanship & linear power performance warranty compared to 12/25 from other panels.

20 x Aptos 400W Bifacial (Black Frame)

The Aptos DNA Split Cell Series uses advanced selective emitter PERC technology with thin film layers to improve heat tolerance, maximize energy harvest, minimize resistive loss, and use 5% more of the available active area for optimal power performance.

Looking for more details? Frequently Asked Questions...

Does this kit come with a warranty?

Yes! You're covered by all of the manufacturer warranties on each product and our free, customer & tech support based in Texas!

Can I expand this system in the future?

This system is completely expandable. Add more EG4 6.5kW Inverters, EG4 Batteries, and solar panels as expansion is needed. You may find you need more juice depending on where in the country you are.

Do I need a certified solar installer or an electrician for installation?

We strongly recommend hiring a certified solar installer and/or master electrician for professional installation to ensure safety and proper setup.

What are the backup power capabilities of the Schneider XW PRO Hybrid Inverter?

The Schneider XW PRO Hybrid Inverter delivers reliable 6800W continuous output operation with a high (2x) overload power rating and features an integrated high-speed transfer switch for seamless backup power transition.

How is energy consumption optimized with the Schneider XW PRO?

The system can be configured using Insight Energy Management, and it offers compatibility with a range of accessories for single-unit or scalable systems, allowing you to optimize energy consumption for time-of-use rates or demand charges.

What sort of solar panel racking is included?

Most of our customers build their own ground mount system. However, roof mounting and ground mounting components are available on our store if you would perfer a out of the box mounted solution.

What is the lifespan of EG4-LL-S Lithium Batteries, and how many charge and discharge cycles can they endure?

Get peace of mind knowing our batteries are designed to last for more than 7000 deep charge and discharge cycles and have a life cycle of more than 15 years with an 80% depth of discharge daily.

What built-in protections and features are included in EG4 batteries for safety and reliability?

EG4 batteries come with a range of safety features, including a reliable Built-In EG4 Smart BMS (Battery Management System), Voltage, Current, Temp, and Health Management, as well as Cell & Module Voltage Protection and Short Circuit Protection.

How big is this kit and how big is the shipment?

For final install, you will need about 4-6 feet of clear wall space in a garage or desingnated installation space.

We shoot to fit the entire kit in one long format pallet with premium packaging. As particular items reach high demand, some items may ship seperatly at a later date.

How long will it take for me to get my kit?

If you're in the main 48 states we do our best to get you your order within 5-15 business days as long as no items are in backorder status. Recently with the mainstream demand for our products, our delivery times to customer's door are averaging around 9-16 business days. You will receive your tracking numbers as soon as they are available.