EG4 Hybrid Solar Mini-Split Kit | Energy Star Certified Air Conditioner Heat Pump AC/DC | 12000 BTU | SEER2 22 | + 1800 Watts of Solar PV [KIT-E0011]


Spec Sheet:

The EG4 Solar AC is one of the most innovative ductless heat pump/air conditioners available; reduce your electric bill and keep your home the temperature you want with this energy-efficient appliance. Featuring the ability to plug directly into solar panels, this system accepts DC power from their PV array without the need for an intermediary device during the day or can draw AC power from the grid at night or during overcast days. Users of the EG4 Solar Mini-Split AC can save money when compared to conventional central air conditioning systems. Pair this unit with a small string of solar panels to immediately begin heating and cooling your property. 

Its compact size, sleek design, and new Plug-n-Cool technology make this EG4 Mini-Split a Do-It-Yourself project. Plug-n-Cool allows the EG4 Mini-Split to be easily installed, cooling and heating quickly in virtually any living space or workplace. 

Kit Contents:

  • Indoor Head Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Pre-Charged Lineset & Electrical Wire - 16.4Ft
  • LCD Remote Control
  • Installation Accessories
  • 4 - Boviet 450W Bifacial Solar Panel (Silver) | Up to 540W with Bifacial Gain 

New Plug-n-Cool Technology Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation 

Allows for quick and easy connection via the quick-connect self-closing companion valves. Plug-n-cool allows you to install this innovative mini-split system without special tools, equipment, or training. No need to pull a vacuum. 


  • Hybrid AC/DC Driven: Choose between power from the grid or a direct connection to a photovoltaic (PV) array without the need for an inverter, battery, or charge controller.
  • 100% Energy Saving in Daytime: Power sourced directly from solar during the day for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Plug and Play: Easy setup with MC4 connectors for simple attachment to PV wiring.
  • AC Grid Power Limiter: Adjustable AC power consumption from 0-600W to suit your energy needs.
  • Versatile Power Modes: Features AC power mode, DC power mode, and an AC/DC mix power supply with automatic balance.
  • Wide Operating Temperature: Operates efficiently in a range from -10℃ to 58℃, suitable for a variety of environmental conditions.
  • High Efficiency: Designed for optimal performance, perfect for off-grid, solar, or energy-efficient projects.


Spec Sheet: