EG4 6500EX-48 - TUV Rheinland Certified to UL 1741 Inverter AVAILABLE NOW

EG4 6500EX-48 - TUV Rheinland Certified to UL 1741 Inverter AVAILABLE NOW

Posted by Signature Solar on 24th May 2022

Signature Solar is proud to partner with EG4 Electronics in unveiling the TUV Certified EG4 6500EX-48 Inverter

This inverter is designed to the high specifications to meet or exceed UL1741 and CSA C22.2 requirements, and has been engineered to meet all the features that we hear our customers want. We invited Richard From EG4 in to show us the features and work with us to develop some great videos. You can watch the product introduction here

This inverter is a 6500W inverter, with 8000W PV input total, and up to 500VOC per MPPT. It has been programmed to work seamlessly with the EG4 Brand batteries, and has custom settings to work with other third party batteries as well. The inverter is aggressively priced at $1299 retail, which is several hundred dollars lower than comparable models on the market today. We think this aggressive pricing with higher specifications will really make the EG4 6500EX-48 really stand out and be an item that is a market leader. 

We did want to point out 3 accessories with this inverter that deserve some attention when you make the decision to purchase. The first is the BMS communication cable. We include a specially designed cable when you purchase this item, but in the chance that it gets damaged or lost, you can easily create your own. Using standard CAT5 or CAT6 wire and RJ45 connectors, you can create your own cable. There is a custom PINOUT which is as follows:
PIN 3                                     PIN 1
PIN 5                                     PIN 2
If you have any questions, please visit our Youtube page where a video will be posted. 

The second item that deserves attention is the Nader DC Circuit Breaker. This item is a 2 pole breaker with 60v 200A capability. We had this custom created using the Nader breaker line because we trust the quality and functionality in use with our products. Although this isn't 100% required, as you could find a breaker yourself, we strongly believe this breaker to be the best fit for our design. 

The last item that we wanted to highlight is the IMO DC Disconnect Rooftop Isolator Switch. This is a true disconnect, and even for systems that do not use our inverters it is strongly recommended to add a quick disconnect like this into your system. This is a rotary actuator switch within a plastic enclosure. Per IEC 60364-7-712, this (or a similar disconnect) is required on any residential installation. 

We hope that this inverter will meet or exceed all your expectations, and are happy to hear feedback or questions. Those can be directed to our Youtube page where we have dedicated staff members to answer questions or get you pointed in the right direction.