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Off-Grid Growatt Inverter Wifi Addition
Spec Sheet:

Growatt USB Wifi Monitoring Device - works with all SPF LVM Growatt inverters. Wifi-F is a plug-and-play monitoring device to help monitor the status of the PV system, this device is installed on inverter or controller for uploading and receiving data from the server.

*Please note, the application is available on both IOS and DROID but any computer monitoring or updating is windows based.

Additional Notes:

  • We do not recommend or support using the Shine Phone App! 
  • Always use a web browser to log into your Shine account, even if it is a web browser on your phone such as Safari or Chrome, etc.
  • Remember that your WiFi stick only receives a signal, it does not emit a signal
  • If you are having trouble, you may need to check your router range, the internet may be too far away
  • If the router isn’t strong enough you may need an IT person/professional as we do not do network troubleshooting here at Signature Solar
  • If you have more than one inverter, you will need a separate Shine WiFi stick for each inverter
  • If your serial number shows a 0 in the number, it is always the numeric zero, never the alpha letter O
Off-Grid Growatt Inverter Wifi Addition
Spec Sheet:
1 Year

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